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Elephant Day Celebrations

Event: Elephant Day Celebrations
Venue: Online


The ongoing trans disciplinary theme in IK1, IK2, IK3 is understanding and making the students aware of “ VARIOUS SPECIES AND HOW THEY ARE TIED TO OUR DIVERSITY”
The main idea behind the activity was to make students learn and value – “Animals and their habitat”

Indian Elephants come under the ENDANGERED CATEGORY- Their population is on the verge of decline. Indian elephants are threatened by habitat loss, degradation, and fragmentation, as well as poaching. Approaches to conservation of this species focus on maintaining their remaining habitat, creating corridors to connect fragmented areas, and improving laws and protections.

It is very important to make children aware of the importance of each species as they are closely interconnected with each other and thus the decline of even a single type would be a great loss.
Such rare, beautiful and vivid creatures should be cherished and admired and we should try our best to save them.
The endangerment of such vivid species can be avoided or recovered by making each one aware of their value and by each one acknowledging their worth and by realizing the fact that they are an integral part of the ecosystem with this concept the teacher taught about elephants to IK 1, IK 2, IK 3 students. The students enjoyed the session and made posters for the same.”

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